Standardize Prostate MRI with Confidence for Improved Treatment and Diagnosis

Water proficiency for T1, T2, and ADC standardization in prostate qMRI research
Discover the CaliberMRI Premium Prostate Phantom

The next stage of prostate MRI.


Premium Version

Be in the know with best-of-the-best human tissue mimics so you know, with near absolute certainty, how to monitor and treat prostate cancer.

T1, T2, and ADC mimics. All in one.

Know the specs

The Premium Prostate rotates 360 degrees and includes options for two sizes of endorectal coils (1.00’” and 1.625″). This imaging phantom can also be sealed with a blank to be used with a surface coil.

Human Tissue Mimics

Accessory Kit

  • Removal Tools, including a wrench, an extra bag of screws, and O-rings
  • Four Rubber Feet
  • Eight Adjustable Wedges
  • ERC Tube Assembly options:
    • Small ERC Tube
    • Large ERC Tube
    • Blank ERC tube (if no ERC required)

Evaluated MRI Characteristics

  • B1 and B0 non-uniformity
  • Geometric linearity
  • Gradient amplitude
  • System center frequency drift (short time duration)
  • Resolution (high-contrast detectability and SNR (low-contrast detectability)
  • Accuracy and precision of T1 and T2 measurements
  • Accuracy and precision of the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC)

Now with the option of the powerful CaliberMRI LC Thermometer for standardization near room temperature.

Target temperature interval is 15-25 degrees Celsius, or 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Read and download the NIST paper on the LC Thermometer here!

Map beyond The Known with
the CMRI Premium Prostate Phantom