The Global Standardization Platform for qMRI.

CaliberMRI provides robust QA/QC automation software and imaging phantoms, establishing the necessary quantitative MRI (qMRI) calibration framework so qMRI can be implemented in research institutions, clinical sites, hospitals, and imaging centers around the world. Our platform solutions provide confidence and reliability to the MR physicist, radiologist, and researcher by verifying MR scans for accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.


CaliberMRI is on a mission to improve the standard of care by advancing the field of quantitative MR imaging (qMRI). We offer a fully integrated MRI standardization platform including brain, breast, prostate, custom phantoms, and companion automated quality control (QC) software, qCal-MR®. Our platform harnesses the power of MRI to obtain objective measurements of soft tissue, validate T1, T2, PD, and ADC mapping techniques, and assess scanner performance over time and across sites.  Our phantoms contain calibration solutions and tissue mimics with traceability up to and including full SI traceability through NIST when available. 

Our platform has been developed in collaboration with professional organizations such as NIST, ISMRM, and RSNA/QIBA.

As the developers of the original NIST/ISMRM System and QIBA Diffusion phantoms, we have deep expertise in developing products for MR imaging QA/QC.  Our work with researchers, clinical trialists, clinicians, and hospitals/imaging centers focused on improving QC to advance health insights.    

In 2020, CaliberMRI was spun off from High Precision Devices (HPD), doing business as QalibreMD.

Traditional grayscale contrast readings of MRI are not optimized for analysis of numerous diseases and conditions, including cancer, ischemic strokes, and cartilage degeneration.

Quantitative MRI advances the technology of MRI scanners for improved evaluation of human health conditions.

CaliberMRI’s Platform products include an imaging phantom with companion qCal-MR® QC automated software and provide health care professionals with confidence in applying quantitative MRI to diagnosis, planning, and treatment monitoring.


Our Vision

CaliberMRI is the leading innovator, developer, and manufacturer of MRI phantom solutions. Our vision is to standardize and advance quantitative MRI worldwide.

Partners and Collaborators

We are proud to work with partners around the world who are equally passionate about advancing MRI technology.