The Global Standardization Platform for qMRI

Quality Assurance Phantoms* and Automated QA/QC Software


*CaliberMRI provides MRI phantoms with calibration solutions and tissue mimics that
have traceability up to and including full SI traceability through NIST when available.

Elevating the Standard of Care

CaliberMRI proudly manufactures and develops highly accurate and precise quantitative MRI imaging phantoms to work in conjunction with our cloud-based QA/QC automation software for MRI scan data standardization. 


Attending the APS March Meeting? Please join our Chief Scientist, Todor Karaulanov PhD, for his talk “MRI Standardization for Quantitative Disease Biomarkers: implementation to clinical studies and trials.”

When: March 10th, 11:30 a.m. – 12:06 p.m. PST Room 321. Chair: Stephen Russek, NIST Boulder.


CaliberMRI congratulates Bethany Aylward on her thesis “Calibration of ADC Values for Quantitative MRI.” For her thesis and poster, please visit the NHS GGC page: Diffusion MRI, ADC values for QIBA using Caliber MRI diffusion phantom. CaliberMRI, in partnership with RSNA/QIBA, was honored to work with NHS GGC on QIBA Conformance Certification for the DWI Profile.