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Discover the NIST-traceable MRI quality control integrated platform that accelerates the practice of quantitative MRI

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Come visit our virtual booth and join a discussion panel on reproducible acquisition practicises with our chief scientist, Todor Karaulanov, as he leads a discussion on our Fully-Integrated Standardization Platform to Advance Quantitative MR Imaging. 

Custom Phantoms to fit your needs!

We work with researchers around the world to design custom phantoms to exactly fit their needs

CaliberMRI now provides QIBA DWI Conformance Certification!

Demonstrate your site can achieve high-quality quantitative imaging results. Distinguish yourself as performing quantitative imaging studies with high levels of precision. 

Read the new FDA guidance on quantitative imaging!

“Phantoms are useful to objectively compare measurements to a known value and may be valuable when testing to compare across quantitative imaging algorithms.”

Premium System Phantom Slice Profile

CaliberMRI, Inc. Announces Award to Improve Pediatric Brain Imaging at More than 25 Sites Around the World

CaliberMRI will be providing phantoms (ground truth reference objects) and analysis software to ensure that the data collected can be compared across sites and over time.

NIST - Metrology and Standards for Quantitative MRI

Radiologists require that data are accurate and reproducible. To ensure this, calibrations and standards are needed. Phantoms—imaging calibration structures—are used to ensure scanner accuracy, stability, and comparability. Phantoms need to be readily available, easy to use, and have accurate and traceable components. In addition, imaging and analysis protocols must be rigorously validated, and the fundamental measurands, image-based biomarkers, must be carefully and precisely defined..”

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The Known. Absolutely.

The path to quantitative MRI adoption begins with The Known: NIST-traceable human tissue mimic solutions, encased in imaging phantoms, developed in over a decade of partnership with leading qMRI experts and institutions.

ADC Mimics
T1Relaxation Mimics
T2Relaxation Mimics
Proton Density Mimics
Absolutely interested in an imaging phantom?

The Known. Transformed.

The era of coding 1s and 0s to calibrate and standardize MRI scanners is over with the introduction of CaliberMRI’s qCal-MR™ cloud-based QC automation software.
Relax, click Upload, and transform The Known into health insights.

Ready to Map Beyond
The Known?

Brain MRI Standardization Solutions

CMRI provides three highly precise and accurate brain imaging phantoms used to measure ADC, T1, T2, and proton density. Our Diffusion Phantom can be paired with our QC software to transform known values into valuable MRI scanner performance insight.

Standardize your brain MRI practice

Breast MRI Standardization Solutions

Our breast imaging phantom offers unique insight into breast cancer clinical research due to our proprietary human tissue mimics. Our Breast Phantom can be paired with our QC software to transform known values into valuable MRI scanner performance insight.

Standardize your breast MRI practice

Prostate MRI Standardization Solutions

Our prostate imaging phantom offers unique insight into prostate clinical research using T1, T2, and proton density human tissue mimics. Our Prostate Phantom can be used to standardize MRI scanner performance so even the smallest changes in prostate function are detected early.

Standardize your prostate MRI practice