Tutorial One

Organize and Share qCal Studies

Section I. Populate DICOM files in folders

Once your DICOM file(s) are successfully uploaded, you can populate your upload into a folder.

You can share your Study with your colleagues. Your Study must be placed inside a folder before it can be shared.

Section II. Share Studies with colleagues

I) Click the three dots next to the Study upload to view the drop-down menu

II) Then select which folder you’d like to place the Study in. 

III) Navigate back to folder you created and click the three dots next to the folder again

IV) Click “Sharing Settings.”

V) A pop-up will appear, prompting you to input your colleague’s email address. Click “Add” after the email is inputted.

Once added, your colleague will receive an invitation email to qCal. They will automatically be given a free 30-day test spin of qCal.

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