Strategic Management and Marketing Consulting

QMRI has a track record in providing clients with effective and innovative methods approaches to enhancing the overall success in the for-profit and not-for-profit marketplace.

These quality driven and value added services include:

  • Strategy development design and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Market research and analysis.
  • Ethnic market outreach campaigns.
  • Market segmentation strategies.
  • Cause related marketing strategies.


Research and Evaluation

QMRI’s research and evaluation unit define the research needed; gather and analyze the data collected; and utilize the information to develop recommendations that best fit your organization’s goals. Services include:

  • Design and conduct qualitative and quantitative research plans for local, regional, national and international audiences.
  • Design survey instruments
  • Conduct research via multi-level approaches (direct mail written survey, telephone and personal interviews)
  • Tabulate data, synthesize results and provide analysis of results with reports.
  • Design and conduct organizational assessments, focus groups and client roundtables.
  • Evaluate focus group data summaries and provide observations and recommendations.
  • Conduct internal organizational climate assessment.
  • Design and measure outreach campaigns results and key markets.


Media and Advertising

QMRI works with clients in develop multi-media advertising approach that ensures the target audience will be reached. Services delivered through these value-added vehicles include:

  • Consultation in Media Relations and message delivery.
  • Design and composition of advertisement and placement of multi-lingual culturally attuned media campaigns for local and national media.
  • Media placement in print, radio, television and all encompassing multi-media format.
  • Public Relations


Training and Education

QMRI provides measurable methods to ascertain the growth and understanding of strategy or campaign and its relevant process in order to prepare for a successful venture utilizing various multi-media formats. QMRI offers tailored and/or off the shelf training and development programs for all levels of human resources, including:

  • Strategic Training Plans
  • Instructional system design
  • Curriculum development
  • Web-based instructional design
  • CD-ROM PC Based Custom Training
  • Long distance education
  • Multi-lingual training programs
  • Special topic seminars and conference presentation
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