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Diffusion-weighted imaging provides insights into the state of the human brain that traditional MRI simply cannot unveil. Brain pathologies such as cancer and ischemic strokes can be detected before a patient’s health is severely affected. Standardizing an MRI scanner’s ADC outputs using the CaliberMRI Premium Diffusion Phantom is your first step toward crucial human brain health insights.

Diffusion standardization.
One voxel at a time.

The CaliberMRI Premium Diffusion Phantom contains PVP human tissue mimic solutions of varying concentrations so qMRI brain researchers know, with absolute precision, how their MRI scanners are interpreting water movement related to its interaction with tissues in the human brain. Absolutely incredible!

Known (not so ancient) Diffusion Phantom history

CMRI’s Diffusion Phantom is rooted in a long-standing partnership with NIST, NCI, and RSNA. Now all qMRI experts can standardize using the best-of-the-best ADC quantitative MRI standards.


Know the history

Click here to view presentations that provide an overview of the history of the DWI phantom development.


Know the science

Click here to view and read research papers and presentations on the Diffusion Phantom so you can be in the know on the latest DWI science.

Know the specs

  • With its 194 mm diameter, the Premium Diffusion Phantom is capable of fitting in most MRI scanners on the market today.
  • Contains ten 30 mL vials filled with aqueous PVP solutions at varying concentrations from 0% up to 50% w/w so you can take accurate and precise ADC measurements.
  • Contains three vials that extend above the ten 30mL vials to act as MR fiducial markers when examining images.
  • An easy, intuitive design so qMRI technicians and researchers can access the inside of the phantom to add crushed ice. This allows standard measurements to be taken at 0 degrees Celsius.
  • This easy, intuitive design also allows qMRI pros to add an interchangeable vial plate to accommodate variously sized vials.
  • Contained in the Premium Diffusion Phantom custom case is a temperature probe for easy measurement of phantom temperature and a torque wrench to remove the outer phantom screws.

Now with the option of the powerful CaliberMRI LC Thermometer for standardization near room temperature.

Target temperature interval is 15-25 degrees Celsius, or 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Read and download the NIST paper on the LC Thermometer here!

View & download the manual, spec sheet, and measurement sheets

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