MRI in Standard Form:
qMRI Solutions for Standardization

CaliberMRI proudly manufactures and develops highly accurate and precise quantitative MRI imaging phantoms to work in conjunction with our QA/QC cloud-based software for MRI scanner validation, standardization, and calibration. Our imaging phantoms contain known human tissue mimic values and are transformed by qCal-MR to manifest incredible human health insights.


The complete QA/QC cloud-based software for
qMRI standardization

The era of coding 1s and 0s to calibrate and standardize your MRI scanner is over with the introduction of qCal- MR. Compare your qMRI data to NIST true values and share studies with your qMRI research colleagues around the world.

Standardize Diffusion-Weighted Imaging

Standardize T1, T2, & PD Imaging

Standardize T1, T2, & PD Imaging in smaller MRI coils

Standardize Breast Imaging

Standardize Prostate Imaging

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