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Frequently Asked qCal-MR Questions!

How does qCal-MR process my scan data?

qCal-MR uses various, industry-standard protocols for ADC, ADC SNR, wCV, RC, T1 VFA, and T1 SNR for CaliberMRI Diffusion and Breast phantoms. Click here to read more.

How does qCal-MR store my data?

Any data uploaded to the site may be accessed and used by CaliberMRI.

Why are my series calculations labeled with yellow and/or red triangles?

A yellow triangle indicates that your series calculations are not entirely compliant with qCal-MR’s protocols. However, this does not mean that you cannot use these calculations; we suggest using the series calculations with caution.

A red triangle indicates that your series calculations are not compliant with qCal-MR’s protocols. This data should not be used.

Why am I not able to share my Study?

You may not be able to share your Study because you have not put your Study into a folder yet. A Study can only be shared when it is placed in a folder. Click here to read more.

If your Study is placed in a folder and you are not able to share it, please email qCal-MR support at support@qcalsoftware.com.

Which scanners does qCal-MR support? What if my scanner is not supported?

  • Philips Medical Systems Ingenia
  • Philips Medical Systems Achieva
  • Siemens Skyra
  • Siemens Prisma Fit
  • Siemens Espree
  • Siemens Triotim
  • GE Medical Systems Signa Premier
  • GE Medical Systems Signa Hdxt
  • GE Medical Systems Discovery Mr750

If your scanner is not on this list, please continue to upload your data. Data from unsupported scanners will be sent to the qCal-MR team for review and approval!

Which imaging phantoms can be used with qCal-MR?

Currently, qCal-MR is only compatible with CaliberMRI’s Diffusion Phantom and Breast Phantom. We are currently working on making qCal-MR compatible with our System Phantom.

Imaging phantoms developed by other manufacturers are not supported at this time. 

Quick qCal-MRTM Mini Tutorials!

Account Management

Everything you need to know on how to access your qCal-MR account, resetting your password, and changing your password.

User Management for Premium Subscribers

For qCal-MR Premium Subscribers only: how to add users, edit users, and remove users.

The Anatomy of a qCal-MR Study & Study Calculation

A walkthrough of a qCal-MR Study, its calculations, and features.

How to Upload Your Data & Data Upload Tips

This walkthrough details which scanners are supported by qCal-MR, how to upload DICOM files and/or folders, and common errors that may occur during data uploads.

qCal-MR Protocols

Everything you need to know about how qCal-MR calculates your scanner data!

Volume View

Description of the Volume View and how to manipulate the Volume View.

ADC Values vs. Coronal Position Graph

Description of the ADC Values graph and how to manipulate this graph.

Sagittal & Axial Plane Deviations Graphs

Description of the Sagittal and Axial graphs and how to interpret them.

How to Search for Your Studies and Folders

How to use the filtering function to find what you need to find, fast!

How to Share Your qCal Study

Share your findings with qMRI colleagues around the world.

Watch the Quick qCal-MR Video Tutorial!