Essential System for Relaxometry

Discover the T1, T2, and proton density characterization imaging phantom.

NIST-traceable MRI contrast human tissue mimics. Developed in collaboration with NIST in Boulder, Colorado.

CaliberMRI’s brain imaging phantoms are developed in collaboration with leading qMRI experts and institutions worldwide, including NIST.
The Essential System Phantom’s components are evolved from the classic NIST/ISMRM Premium System Phantom design and contain NIST traceable human tissue mimic solutions measured with landmark accuracy and precision.

Quantitative MRI Phantom.

The Essential System Phantom takes the most essential features from the classic NIST/ISMRM Premium System Phantom and houses them in the most versatile quantitative brain imaging phantom on the market. Its smaller size allows the Essential System Phantom to fit into most coils, including the Siemens 64-Channel Head/Neck coil.
MRI advancers now have more access to the benefits of brain quantitative MRI standardization with a more affordable option that still offers exceptional MRI quality control.

The Essentials at a Glance

Resolution Insert ⓘ



Proton Density ⓘ

Fiducial Sphere

Slice Profile

Recalibrate seamlessly with demountable
NIST-traceable contrast spheres

The essential contrast MRI standardization tool meets NIST-traceability.

CaliberMRI’s T1 and T2 contrast arrays are engineered to mimic endogenous tissues and standard contrasting agents. The proton density 5%-100% array standardizes water concentration in relation to typical tissue water content, in addition to precisely estimating the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Compare & Contrast Essential vs. Premium Contrasting Features

42 NIST-traceable T1 (1900 ms – 20 ms, 3.0 T at 20°C), T2 (550 ms – 5 ms, 3.0 T at 20°C), and proton density (5%-100%) contrast spheres.

Introducing the Exclusive New Liquid Crystal MR-Readable Thermometer

Expand the temperature range capabilities of MRI standardization with the one-of-a-kind MR-readable thermometerM.

MRI standardization just got even easier with the integration of the CMRI patented LC MR-Readable Thermometer, developed in collaboration with NIST1. Now qMRI advancers can standardize between 15°C and 24°C while simultaneously scanning the Essential System Phantom.
Compare & Contrast Essential vs. Premium Temperature Features
Contains CMRI’s patented LC MR-Readable Thermometer for temperature standardization between 15°C and 24°C while scanning.

1 | This product is covered by United States patent number 10,809,331.

Achieve MR image uniformity utilizing CMRI’s precisely-placed fiducial reference markers

Identify geometric distortion, image uniformity, and B1 homogeneity.
CMRI’s 19 fiducial reference markers are placed with a precision of 150 μm (microns) so users can obtain essential insight into scanner distortions.
Compare & Contrast Essential vs. Premium Distortion Features

19 fiducial markers composed of a solid, high-quality polycarbonate plastic surrounded by copper sulfate.

Enhance Enhance slice resolution and evaluate alignment

The CMRI slice profile inclination and declination wedges are angled precisely at 10° for advanced slice profile accuracy.

Compare & Contrast Essential vs. Premium Temperature Features

Inclination and declination wedges angled precisely at 10°.

Expand your understanding of scan quality with the precision of the CMRI resolution insert

The CaliberMRI insert minimizes misalignment on and off scan axis when processed with the recommended resolution MRI protocol.
Compare & Contrast Essential vs. Premium Resolution Features

One set of 4×4 resolution insert patterns offset by 10°. Includes an array of holes with diameters ranging from 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm.

Bolder contrast made possible by a bright blue copper sulfate interstitial fill

The blue copper sulfate filling enhances what matters on your phantom MRI scans and decreases scan acquisition time.
Compare & Contrast Essential vs. Premium Interstitial Fills

Contrast elements surrounded by a de-bubbled copper sulfate fill.