QMRI is a full-service management and marketing consulting firm focusing on strategy development, training and education, and communications consulting. Founded in 1990 by Carmen Ramos Watson, QMRI is a minority woman-owned firm, and has served federal government clients, Fortune 1000 companies, multinational corporations as well as not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations.

QMRIŐs capabilities are complemented by an ability to operate over a diverse range of cultural and political conditions. QMRI staff is adept at working in multicultural, multilingual environments in the United States and developing countries internationally. Consequently, QMRI staff is experienced in working with ever changing geographic environments that require multiple language skills, and cultural familiarity.

Strategic Management and Marketing Consulting Services

The constant in todayŐs environment is change. QMRI supports organizations in developing strategies that will connect them with their intended market in a manner that is unique and far-reaching. QMRI will assist you in identifying your organizationŐs critical success factors and making them the strength of your connection with your client.

Media and Advertising

QMRI knows that the best way to reach your target audience requires using various methods of communication. In todayŐs multi-media world of disseminating information, QMRI will develop a savvy media and advertising approach that will ensure your message is conveyed to the right audience, at the right time, through the most value-added vehicles. QMRI is adept at Pubic Relations and brand development.

Training and Education

QMRI has a full-service training and development division, Q-Tech, which assists organizations in creating a mechanism for developing the capabilities, knowledge, skills and abilities of their most important resources: their employees. Additionally, Q-Tech specializes in developing multi-media training applications for youth with the goal of using technology to advance their capabilities. Education is a critical component to ensuring alignment of your strategic initiatives and communications plan.

Research Service

QMRI has supported organizations in defining the research needed; gathering and analyzing the data collected; and utilizing the information to develop recommendations that best fit your organizationŐs goals. QMRI recognizes the numerous variables involved in programs that affect large populations. That is why QMRI focuses on closely examining the content and context of your organizationŐs present and future programs geared toward serving clients.

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